Monday, May 23, 2005

burning the midnight oil

Somehow the whole idea of change has kept me up --- from the worries about pending deadlines, moving day, even turnovers have kept me from sleeping soundly. I worry about these needlessly (after all, after i get out of my job, who cares, right?) and i think i'm going crazy.

My friend Noni thinks i'm crazy because i'm responsible. Shit, i'm beginning to think he's right -- i tend to go paranoid over stuff because i can't shake the idea off myself that it's my responsibility to know and be up to date with the changes happening. Like work, for example. The murals are technically not in the area of my responsibility, but since i know the supplier, i tend to think of protecting the supplier from any mistreatement they may get from the company, as well as try to not let the image of our company go to garbage.


Anyway, stuff like that keep me worrying more than i should and come to think of it, it's nobody's fault but mine, really. (nice, lette. haha) I just wish i can give myself a break without feeling guilty about it.

Lordy. i need a distraction. Bad.

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LemonCloud said...

I understand how it is like. You just can't seem to stop thinking about everything. Hang in there.

kay said...

hope you get your distraction! and i hope it's a positive one too.

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